Claremore Daily Progress


One for the history books

Representing “50 Years in Business in Claremore in the Same Family Club” is this group joining Patricia Pixley, who with her late husband, Warren, founded Pixley Lumber, and members of her family. Among those in Claremore who have a half century or more in business in Claremore involving founding family members are (front from left on floor) Kory Burrows Coots and Cade and Micah Post; (front seated) Dorthy Swan, Donna Froman, Paul Neely, Mrs. Pixley, John Harvey Burrows, Frank Robson, Patti Dunlap Post and Justin Post; (second row) Tim Fleetwood, Kevin Froman, Steve Neely, Meredith Lessley, Mary Pixley Warden, Paul Pixley, Dave Burrows, Ray Akin and Randy Post; and (back) Darryl Martin, Ryan Neely, Brett and Ron Lessley, Mark and Chris Pixley, Steve Kissee, Larry Rock and Rob and Larry Melton.