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June 18, 2013

UPDATE: Oil pipeline inspection underway at Oologah Lake



Dahlin said because the pipeline is submerged, divers, operators and personel began planning for the inspection months in advance, determining the most effective way to minimize recreational traffic.
“With the lake as muddy as it is there is little visibility under water. A lot of the work that these divers are doing is by feel, which does present some challenges,” he said. “but these guys are very experienced and know what they’re doing and so far we’re making great timing.”
Video cameras and live audio feeds have been placed in the work area of the divers, updating Enbridge workers of everything related to the process.
The inspection/repair process, from beginning to end, is expected to last until  June 24, said Dahlin.
“The pipeline’s existence pre-dates the impoundment of the lake,” said Oologah Lake Manager Allen Ryan. 
“We understand and support the proactive inspection and repair, viewing this as a preventative measure that is beneficial to the lake.”
Ryan said Oologah Lake management is allowing Enbridge to utilize a previously closed portion of Spencer Creek Recreation Area for staging and access in an effort to avoid any unnecessary impacts to recreation visitors.

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