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July 16, 2012

DEBATE: District 2 candidates disagree over issues

CLAREMORE — District 2 Congressional GOP candidates George Faught and Markwayne Mullin continue to discuss their opponent’s flaws instead of the issues.

During the live debate Monday evening hosted by Rogers State University, the candidates attempted to answer questions regarding healthcare, legislation, immigration, foreign defense and the Tulsa Port of Catoosa.
However, their focus on the issues was limited, as each took an opportunity to attack the other.
The debate was likely the last opportunity for voters to see the candidates speak live on television before the Aug. 28 Runoff Election.
Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb moderated the event and had to control the crowd on multiple occasions due to outbursts from campaign supporters.
Mullin won the coin toss and elected to have Faught open the event.
Faught spoke about the serious issue that the country is currently facing, which he never clearly explained.
“I think the citizens of the 2nd District deserve to have someone who is proven, someone who is conservative and someone they can trust.”
Mullin began the evening by explaining he got in the race because he was “fed up.” 
“If we are really going to make a change we have to send a different type of person up there,” Mullin said.
The debate quickly turned negative after the opening statements.
Candidates were asked about the Affordable Healthcare Act.
Faught stated he wanted to focus on free market based system that maintains patient/doctor relationships.
Mullin focused on the government involvement with the issue.
“Every time the government gets involved they mess it up worse,” Mullin said. “There is a whole host of solutions, but government is not it.”
Mullin did not provide a specific example on how to fix the healthcare law.
Later, Faught attacked Mullin’s knowledge of the healthcare law citing a resent quote by Mullin that he was “too busy” to learn about healthcare exchanges.

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