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July 24, 2012

Bare to the Bone -City’s water towers running low, conservation requested

CLAREMORE — Claremore residents are being asked to voluntarily conserve water in light of increased water line breaks and high temperatures.

“City officials are making a plea for residents to voluntarily conserve water due to the extreme temperatures and dry weather taking a toll on Claremore’s water delivery system,” said Cassie Woods, citys communications director. 
The city’s water treatment plant is currently operating at maximum capacity,   while the amount of water needed to meet demand has not yet become a problem, water line breaks have made keeping the towers full a major difficulty.  
This results in very low water pressure, which could cause health and public safety issues soon, Woods explained. 
If the pressure in the towers gets below a certain level, the city will be forced to issue a boil order.  
In addition, if a fire starts it would be difficult for firefighters to battle the blaze without enough pressure in the lines.  
To avoid these problems, the city is urging residents to voluntarily conserve water until the towers can be completely refilled.
Voluntary restrictions include residents being asked to limit consumption during the peak hours of 5 to 11 a. m. and 4  to 9 p.m.
In addition, officials are asking residents to refrain from doing excessive outdoor watering.  
Overnight, when there is minimal usage, is when the majority of water is released into the towers.  
Shutting off an overnight sprinkler system for a few days would help tremendously to increase the pressure in the towers to a safe level, Woods said.
Another big help would be to wait to fill up swimming pools or washing cars at home until further notice, she added.
City officials hope that by asking for voluntary conservation, the problem with filling the towers will resolve itself and usage can go back to normal soon.  
“However, if residents do not help and the problem worsens, the city will have to look at mandatory rationing with the potential for boil orders in the future,” Woods said.  

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