Claremore Daily Progress


June 5, 2013

Thompson resigning economic development post



“No one, least of all those of us who are practitioners in the field or community leaders,” Thompson said, “should ever be satisfied with economic conditions or economic development accomplishments; but, it’s ok to take a proper amount of pride when we have good results.”  Thompson hopes that everyone appreciates the efforts “of involved political and professional public officials, business and community leaders and those of us who work professionally to grow the economy.”  
During his watch, Thompson counts as most significant the major employment expansion at Baker Hughes, the new $40 million Baker Hughes R & D Center, the new electrical substation financing and construction to serve all of the BH facilities and expansion of electrical service capacity to serve additional industrial growth.  He has great expectations for the recently constructed and newly dedicated John Carle Blvd industrial access road that permits additional industrial expansion, the first of which will be a new AXH Air Coolers facility.  
It took over five years to arrange the financing, design and construction of the BNSF Multimodal Industrial Rail Spur.  Thompson believes that it will become a major industrial attraction and spin off lots of employment growth.  “We hope soon to have completed the lengthy and difficult re-employment at the unproductive Burgess Norton and Pratt Whitney properties and expect to enjoy the benefits of a couple of hundred new jobs there,” Thompson anticipated.
He expects that Trinity Rail, having taken over the closed DMI facility in Catoosa, will add a few hundred jobs over the next several years; Melton Trucking is building a new corporate headquarters at their Catoosa facility.  Over in Oologah, finally and at long last, a supermarket is about to be constructed.  The Summerlin Industrial Park is open for business in Inola and the first of three new industrial facilities is under construction, Thompson explained. 

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