Claremore Daily Progress


June 5, 2013

Thompson resigning economic development post



“Three more important things,” Thompson continued, “is the Port of Catoosa that has had several recent expansion events and continues to have a major impact upon our economy; the Claremore airport continues to attract capital investment and is a major community asset; and, the small business incubators have attracted several promising new enterprises.”
“Relatively speaking”, Thompson exclaimed, “compared to earlier experiences here or to other communities, all of that is a pretty good body of work for a three or four year stint and these are just major events; there were significant small business ventures created, located, or expanded.”  
Thompson said that he is very proud of what our boards, our staff and the leadership of our communities have accomplished.  “I’m glad to have been a part of it but I’m even more pleased with the number of entities and individuals who showed up and put shoulders to our economic development wheels.”    
“Despite all of the difficulties, disappointments, challenges, accomplishments, aggravations, frustrations and all of the rest of it, on balance, I’ve really enjoyed my time here,” Thompson stated.  Even when the scenarios were all wrong; they were still interesting, challenging and memorable.  “The same can be said of the people that I’ve come to know,” he added.
Thompson related his surprise with the economic development potential of Rogers County and said that he is impressed with the spirit of community.  “I’m very pleased to have made acquaintances and friendships with some really terrific and outstanding people that I otherwise would have never known.”  “I will miss being on hand,” Thompson said, “as the leaders of Rogers County continue to strengthen the economies and quality of living in their communities.” 
Thompson said blending RCIDA and CIEDA made it possible for both organizations to survive during difficult economic times and reductions in revenues of 75% over the last several years.  “We’ve had some successes and more will come,” “Economic development is woefully underfunded but this is an extraordinary location for economic growth and the opportunity is immense,” said Thompson.  “The job has become much more than I bargained for and I’m compelled to at least try semi-retirement, again.”  

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