Claremore Daily Progress


November 2, 2013

The Food Thinkery: Local dietitian, diabetes educator encourages clients to ‘think’ healthy


As a registered, licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Claremore resident Suzanne Forsberg said she has found that people are confused when it comes to health information; that all of the health claims in the media cause people to be at a loss when trying to live healthy.
Using her 37 years of experience in food and nutrition, Forsberg recently developed The Food Thinkery, where she teaches clients how to sort through the “blizzard” of information and develop a simple, practical food philosophy.
“I find that people are just not thinking. They’re taking everything in and believing everything they here, and they’re getting frustrated because they can’t do it all,” said Forsberg. “The Food Thinkery is affordable and will help people think, while providing encouragement.”
The Food Thinkery, located in the Rogers State University Innovation Center, is offered to individuals, families and businesses. 
“Everyone has a food philosophy whether they know it or not. I help people consider their food philosophy because what we think and believe is what we will put into action,” she said. “If you don’t believe it, you’re not going to do it.”
Forsberg said she does not believe in diets, and that she gives clients simple suggestions on little changes they can make in their eating habits to turn their health around. 
“I help with grocery shopping. What to buy and what not to buy, and why. I also teach them label reading and give them really easy recipes to make, whether they’re feeding just themselves or a family of four,” she said. 
The Food Thinkery offers a variety of group classes that change each month, including a family nutrition program based on the booklet “The Gritty Truth” written by Forsberg. The course is designed for families to create a new atmosphere in the home that encourages healthy eating and communication.

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