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April 29, 2014

Exascale Power coming to MidAmerican Industrial Park



The emphasis of Exascale Power, Allison said, is to meet the need for real-time data transfer in global trade.
“GRDA is excited for this new Park resident’s move into MAIP. We will be working with them to meet their future electricity needs here and we do look forward to this new relationship with the company,” said Justin Alberty, GRDA corporate communications director.
“We did a search nationwide and found that MAIP is the place to be. It’s really the only option,” said Fitzpatrick, who boasted on his website that Exascale Power signed an agreement with MAIP April 16 to bring Exascale Power to Pryor.
“Coming to market fully six years before any competitor and bringing 2,000 jobs to Oklahoma in the next six months,” according to Exascale Power’s website.
MAIP is part of the answer to how Fitzpatrick can develop this company so far ahead of the competition.
“It’s all about high-power consumption. The only way this is possible now is because of the power supply available to me from MAIP, particularly GRDA. Other labs are estimating this technology coming to fruition in 2017, 2018 or even 2020 all because they do not have access to the power supply to meet their consumption needs,” said Fitzpatrick. “We are willing to pay the extra cost to have it now.”
The cost, Fitzpatrick said, of fully starting Exascale Power in Pryor is $20 billion.
“Our power needs are just over 50 percent of GRDA’s current load, but it is possible,” said Fitzpatrick, adding that when the company reaches its full potential, it will be able to trade $250 billion monthly in global trade sectors because of the added security of real-time transfers.
According to Fitzpatrick, this is a paradigm shift in the way trading is done, as computer logs allow for lower risk, more transparency and instant internal audits.

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