Claremore Daily Progress


May 13, 2013

Sen. Burrage, Rep. Quinn give updates



Another change that has happened since the last month’s breakfast is the passing of the 2015 tax cut.
“Why are we passing a tax cut that doesn’t go into effect for another 20 months,” said Burrage. “We could wait until next year and know what the revenue picture is. One reason is politics.”
He said the governor needs to say she made a tax cut before her upcoming re-election. She could not wait a year.
“I hope it all works out and I hope that state revenue sky rockets in the next year, but it’s really bad policy because we can take this same issue up next year and have 12 months more data than where we are now.”
Oklahoma currently has the fifth highest workers’ compensation rate in the U.S.
“That’s way too high,” said Burrage. “The recent workers’ comp reform is a significant reform. What has happened in the system is doctors are making 300 percent of what they would claim on a normal workers’ comp claim client.”
He said the bill did not take a single penny away from doctors.
“I’m glad we have the reform and hope the costs go down for injured workers. I just think it’s a bit cynical that we would take every penny away from the injured worker,” said Burrage. “This system wasn’t set up to protect doctors, but instead employers and employees. I hope it has cost savings for the employers, but once again the medical profession made out like bandits.”
Quinn put government decisions into perspective Friday morning.
“When you get on the inside of government, you do see things differently,” said Quinn. “My hope and prayer is that because I am on the inside I can also maintain the view you all have from the outside and walk away with a perspective that’s beneficial for all of us.”

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