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December 4, 2013

Defense bill a must-pass

Sen. Inhofe presses ahead with military spending compromise


ENID, Okla. — Base closures

Inhofe said that there likely won’t be another round of Base Realignment and Closure, commonly referred to as BRAC.

Closing a base is costly in the short term, and budget-watchers in Congress are keen on saving money, he said.

“One thing that’s certain about a BRAC run, you can always have a debate about whether it’s going to save money — but the one thing they don’t debate is that in the first four to five years, it costs money. And we can’t afford to do it,” Inhofe said.

He also believes that the government should not start shutting down bases to reflect a military that already is too small.

As for sequestration, the automatic fiscal policy that has reduced federal budgets because of a lack of agreement on overall spending, Inhofe said there appears to be no alternative in the near future.

“The Republicans will take control of the Senate in 2014. And if we can survive until we can get a president in the White House and Republican control of the House and Senate, we can go through with a budget that would change all these things,” he said.

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Oklahoma State House