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October 3, 2013

Life in the Cold War: Students get life experience at Heritage Center

ENID, Okla. — Hollee Terry’s fifth-grade class experienced life during the Cold War days, when they spent Thursday at Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center.

Cody Jolliff, education director for CSRHC, and Sarah Owens, museum assistant, led the 27 students through training exercises of the Civil Defense Youth Corps. They learned about airplane spotting, firefighting, first aid and communications during an era when Americans lived in fear of the fall of an atomic bomb.

Jolliff, dressed as a Civil Defense coordinator, called the students to attention and marched them in two lines outside the museum to Government Springs Park.

“At ease,” Jolliff barked.

The students relaxed and watched Owens as she showed them bandages and splints, explaining how the first aid supplies were used. Then she talked about how to apply tourniquets and when to use them.

Jolliff instructed students on how to lift a stretcher with an injured person on it. Jenjen Anari, Tydonte Chester, Brittany Cabello and Faith Maytubby stood at each corner of the stretcher.

“Prepare to lift,” Jolliff said. “Lift.”

As they lifted the stretcher, Jolliff said, “That wasn’t very even. That guy just fell off. Prepare to lower. No one said lower! OK, now lower.”

The students lowered the stretcher.

Now that the four stretcher carriers had practiced lifting, Roger Zamarron laid on the stretcher to be carried off for medical treatment.

“Forward, march,” Jolliff said. “Left, left, left, left.”

They walked forward, but not to Jolliff’s cadence.

The activity was part of CSRHC’s traveling exhibition, “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow: Living with the Atomic Bomb, 1945-1965.”

The exhibit, here through Oct. 20, explores the ways Americans experienced the atomic threat as part of their daily lives at school,  home and at play.

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