SUFFOLK COUNTY, NY (News 12 Long Island/CNN) – Several vending machines selling pens that can be used as crack pipes were found Monday in the town of Brookhaven, on New York's Long Island, authorities said.

The coin-operated machines charged $2 per pipe.

One machine was near a bus stop. Another was in front of an apartment complex. The third was in front of a Home Depot.

Officials said the machines dispensed crack pipes disguised as pens, advertising them as "pens" or "S-Pens."

The pens are encased in glass tubes, which have a screen at one end. The tube and the screen can be easily separated from the other pen components and become drug paraphernalia.

Brookhaven town supervisor Ed Romaine said officials are asking Suffolk County Police to help find out who's behind the illicit dispensers.

"Obviously it's not illegal to sell a pen. To sell a pipe is not illegal," Romaine said. "However, this is considered drug paraphernalia, and it was also being dispensed from a machine that was installed illegally per town code."

Officials said the machines have been removed.

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