2017's one and only supermoon appears Sunday night

 (RNN) – Look up – but wait until dark.

The one and only supermoon of 2017 will be rising in the east at about full dark. The moon will be 16,000 miles closer to earth than usual – it’s at the point in its orbit called the perigee, the closest it comes to our planet.

It's actually the Super Frost Moon because it's happening in December and the weather in most places is, you know, kind of frosty.

The Dec. 3 moon will be 16 percent brighter and appear 7 percent bigger than usual, which doesn’t compare to last year’s massive November extra-super moon. That was the closest approach to the earth since 1948.

This will be the first of three consecutive super moons, with the next two both coming in January.

That means the third super moon in the series will be the second full moon in a month, which is called a Blue Moon. It will also feature a full eclipse, which happens even less than once in a Blue Moon.

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