Claremore Daily Progress

April 27, 2011

COLUMN: Foot Chase

Larry Larkin
Progress Correspondent

CLAREMORE — Next to an action packed shoot ‘em up Western, watching a good guy-bad guy police story or mystery on TV is a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The viewer can almost always know there is going to be a chase scene before the closing credits.  It will be a car race through the busy streets of San Francisco or New York or somewhere.  If not in vehicles, count on a foot chase across the high-rise roof tops.

I certainly blew a golden opportunity this past Sunday.  Wife Cherl and I missed the police chase in our own neighborhood! 

Gun shots were fired and everything.  It was real exciting.  It was also dangerous.  If you don’t think so, come look at the bullet holes in the house where part of the shoot-out took place.

With the exception of one guy who likes to ride his loud motorcycle back and forth at times, the street we live on is normally quiet.  This wasn’t the case on Easter morning.

As we were leaving the neighborhood on the way to church we saw two Claremore police cars in front of two different houses.   Two more emergency vehicles were a little farther out.

At one time I would have stopped and asked what was going on.  I didn’t recognize any of the officers and they looked sort of busy.  Besides, I needed to get to church and find a parking space.

Following an enjoyable service of music and preaching, we came back home.  On the return trip we saw even more officers.  They appeared to be searching for something in the weeds.

Still didn’t stop to see what the reason was.  The officers were still busy and I was thinking about the spiral ham cooking in the oven at home.

It wasn’t until Monday when we learned what apparently took place.  The following is pieced together from a brief newspaper story, a short beep on the TV news, a neighbor’s telling, and an officer’s unofficial remarks the next day.

The incident apparently started with an alleged drive-by shooting.  City police spotted the vehicle involved and the chase started.  A man and woman, both age 23, were in the car when it finally came to a stop.  The woman was taken into custody, but her companion took off running into the near by woods.

He first tried to hide in a house in our neighborhood.  One source said it was the home of his sister.  Another said the man was living there.

Regardless, it was a short stop.  Once again rifle shots were fired.  Once again a foot chase was on.  He managed to slip out a back door, run down a hill, across the neighborhood street, through two yards, and then north across the Will Rogers Turnpike.

That was his downfall.  The police made the capture behind Red’s Coneys.

Somewhere he ditched his rifle.  Officers were still looking for it as of Wednesday morning.

This all had to take place before we left for church.  At some point the fugitive almost had to run across my yard.  It could be possible he did it twice, both running to the house and then fleeing from it.

I’m just glad he didn’t decide to make a visit.

I doubt seriously if I would have been as cool as one of the neighbors.  Unaware of what was taking place, he was outside looking for the family’s missing pet.

When he realized the armed officers were approaching straight toward him with their guns in the ready position, he nervously asked, “Have any of you fellows seen my dog?”