Claremore Daily Progress

March 29, 2011

Sister Susan

Larry Larkin
Progress Correspondent

CLAREMORE — Remember watching The Three Stooges years ago? Although they didn’t start out to cause problems in their many adventures, the problems always followed. The more they tried to deal with them, the more their misdeeds grew.

To anyone watching my sister last week, they probably thought she was trying out for the Stooge team. The only thing missing were the talent scouts.

The simple task of taking her dog to the veterinarian seemed easy enough. After all, her dog has a signed degree in education. She (the dog) graduated from obedience school a year or so back. Purpose of the trip was to get her dog a single shot.

Weighing in around 50 pounds, the dog is considered an outside pet and usually remains in the fenced back yard. Here starts the path to doom for my sister.

Timber, that’s the dog, was in the back seat with paws hanging over the front seat. Now I don’t know if the animal was drooling down my sister’s back or not, but there was some excitement in the air.

Being only a four-block trip from house to the vet’s office, Susan had the foresight to put a collar on her dog. Apparently it was tight.

Mistake No. 1.

When turning on North Lynn Riggs (the city’s busiest street), Susan failed to see a dog running free across the street from her destination.

Mistake No. 2.

In the parking lot Susan starts to get her well trained pet out of the back seat. Seeing the second dog for the first time, Timber suddenly bolted away.

Mistake No. 3.

Before continuing, let me explain my sister has always had a very tender spot for animals. If she is going anywhere with you and a dead dog…or cat…or squirrel…or…well you get the picture…is in the path of your journey, it is best to keep her from seeing the road kill. If she does, she would burst out in tears.

Anyway, here she goes chasing across a four-lane street during the busiest time of the day. Some willing souls stop to lend a hand. This is kind and considerate of them, but only makes Timber more scared and determined to seek freedom.

Mistake No. 4.

In her haste to get away Timber puts a paw in the same location that a vehicle’s tire rolls over.

Mistake No. 5.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, during the chase Susan also stuck her arm someplace she shouldn’t.

Mistake No. 6.

Here is the end result. Except for a broken toe and a little extra anxiety, Timber managed to come through the ordeal without serious injury. Susan’s arm was not broken despite being very painful. No accidents occurred, but my sister did hear a couple of new words as motorists dodged her.

I didn’t have the nerve to ask my sister how much that little trip to the vet cost her. Bills for x-rays and doctor visits are still piling up.