Claremore Daily Progress

January 11, 2011

Seven for ‘11

Larry Larkin
Progress Correspondent

CLAREMORE — After some serious consideration I have come up with seven hopeful resolutions that could make Claremore a little nicer place for 2011.

Skipping over World Peace and the cure for the common Cold and a city railroad overpass, the following items are submitted for thought in no particular order. Some could take a little longer to accomplish, but still these projects could at least start during the next 12 months.

1. Build a Water Park at Claremore Lake. No, not one with giant slides and large water wave pools, but some place to let the smaller ones play and cool off. In Collinsville and Owasso can install this, there is no reason it can’t be done here. Claremore Lake is one of the most attractive ones in the state. It could offer so much more. After installed, it seems costs could be kept low by recycling the lake water.

2. This subject is not new. Claremore, the city with many museums, needs another. Why can’t a location be found for a city/county historical facility? There are so many stories left untold about the ones that come before us.

3. What can be done about getting new retail and restaurant business here? On the latter we need more places where we can take guests for quiet dinning. Are the local permit ordinances so strict they drive new prospects away?

4. Along the same topic, it would be nice to see an increase of specialty shops added in the downtown area. We need a reason for more people to come to this area to see old friends while getting in a little shopping at the same time.

5. Somewhere closer to the Rogers State University campus there is a need for a gathering spot for students. Make it a place for the young people where they can get together and relax from their studies.

6. Claremore has tried in the past to organize a community theater groups. For different reasons the efforts have failed. With the Robson Performing Arts Center, we certainly have the place for such events now. Also, hold more civic band performances. The summer city park concerts are a treat. Use this as a stepping stone for even bigger Claremore showcases.

7. What do you think about a revolving door at City Hall. Maybe it wouldn’t improve things there, but with all the coming and going by officials, it could speed things up.