Claremore Daily Progress

January 8, 2013

Networking Pays Off - Local entrepreneurs create innovation group

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — While networking with interested participants during a December Entrepreneurial Boot Camp event in Norman, several local entrepreneurs realized that four of the 14 participants were from the Claremore area.

This lead local entrepreneur Sarah Fiegener to create a flyer to see what interest there may be in the community. 
“We decided that we could meet in the Claremore area to collaborate while inviting other local entrepreneurs to participate,” said Fiegener.
Jeri Koehler of the RSU Innovations Center agreed to help spread the word and host the meeting.
“So far, we have had a significant amount of inquiries for more information and should have a fairly large turnout,” said Fiegener.
The group plans to meet once a month to informally share and discuss resources, strategies as well as act as a source of motivation for each other.
“Since we are all in the same boat but each at different stages, we can give new insight to similar problems,” she said. 
“My goal is to leave the meeting inspired from seeing others excel.”
Fiegener said she is excited about the group members’ opportunities for potential growth and to receive the tools needed to solve challenges in her own entrepreneurial endeavors.
The innovation group will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday in the RSU Innovation Center and will continue to meet during the second Thursday of each month. 
Meetings are open to any area entrepreneurs interested in sharing their experiences and learning from others.
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