Claremore Daily Progress

November 8, 2013

Then there was 6: A story of adoption and grace

Ali Gibson
Special to the Progress

CLAREMORE —  Did you know, in the U.S. there are 400,540 children living without permanent families in the foster care system?

Studies show, 115,000 of these children are eligible for adoption, but nearly 40 percent of these children will wait over three years, without homes, before being adopted. Crazy, right?

My family and I were troubled by this number. 400,500 kids!

Finally, we decided to pray about adopting. We asked God to open doors for us, and He did.

Shortly after praying we received a call from some friends who knew of two children, brother and sister, living at a mission home in Texas because they needed a home.

They shared with us about the children, told us a bit of their story.

You see, these two had been turned over to the mission home by the State of Texas.

The State Judge felt the kids could find a forever home given a chance at the mission — but in states care, they were finished.

These two were headed for a lifetime of shelters. They had already failed an adoption and had several failed foster home placements — the state had grown tired.  

So, when our friends called saying, “They look like they should be Gibsons.” We thought — well, we’ll see what God has up his sleeve.

We had been praying for a long time for something like this to happen, but to be honest, when it finally did, we thought — yeah right. There’s no way anyone would let us adopt two children. To our surprise we were wrong! God had a plan. We entered into private adoption May 2013 and Nov. 15, 2013 they will be ours — forever.

I have to admit. Being 12, and the oldest child in our home- I was a bit concerned.

I had questions — What will it be like sharing a room with another girl? (I already had two sisters)

Will I like her? Will she like me? Us?

Will I ever love her like I love my other siblings? (I also had a stinky brother) I wondered, will I love this new brother like I loved my birth brother, Judah.

Will my parents still have as much love to share with six children as they already did with four?

This is the wonderful thing about God. He answers questions in mysterious ways.

Through time spent with our new kids He showed me He had a plan and that everything was going to be just fine.

 Adoption has taught my family an important example of grace. We did not know these kids; in fact, we had never met them.

Yet God placed a love for them in our hearts.

He allowed us to love them — sort of like he loves us. You see, although God

knows us inside and out, he still chooses to love us like crazy!

He allows us into his family, calls us sons and daughters — regardless of our past mistakes or current struggles. These kids, our kids, had struggles.

Those 400,000 kids without homes, have struggles  and we all have a chance to be like Jesus and love on them!

As the oldest of all six — I have the privilege of setting an example for all of them! What an honor to be looked up to, as they follow me and I follow God. I’m not perfect- far from it. But I need Jesus — just like they do and hopefully they can see a little bit of Him in me.

God has called us to care for widows and orphans. Well, there are plenty to care for — so why not step out and love! Have you ever considered adoption or even foster care?

There are lots of children right here in the United States needing homes! Private adoptions, like ours, can move along quickly and be wonderful. I hope you will join me on this fabulous adventure, and encourage others to do the same along the way!

This story was previously published in The Chelsea Reporter.