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June 12, 2013

NTC EAST students organize summer camp

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Students from the Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) program at Northeast Technology Center in Claremore are working to develop opportunities while exposing future students to what EAST has to offer.
Second-year EAST student Kevin Feamster of Claremore High School is the “brains” behind last month’s student-driven service project called EAST Camp. During the four-day camp, participants learned how to design and print posters and T-shirts as well as learn about the basics of video production.
“The goal of EAST Camp was to let eighth and ninth graders know that technology is an option for them. I think this is the best age to expose them.”
Feamster began his project by asking for donations. Once all donation requests were submitted and he had secured enough to ensure the camp could be funded, he met with advisors and counselors from donating schools to make them aware of the program. 
He said he then prepped as if he were an instructor and prepared his lesson plans accordingly.
“There is no way I could’ve made all of this happen, had Wal-Mart not been willing to donate so much,” said Feamster.
Students from all sending schools were invited to attend, but all EAST Camp participants this year were from Sequoyah Schools.
The EAST initiative at NTC focuses on student-driven service projects through the use of the latest in technology. 
Classroom are equipped with state-of-the-art workstations, servers, software and accessories, including GPS/GIS mapping tools, architectural and CAD design software, 3D animation suites and much more. Students find problems in their local communities and then use these tools to solve them.