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September 10, 2012

The real McCoy - Veteran actor visits Claremore


Depending on which school of thought one subscribes to, man has walked the Earth for anywhere from just over 2,000 years to 4.5 billion years, give or take an epoch or two.
To fully appreciate the profundity (yes, this is an actual word) of events to be told in this column, an ancient time in man’s history must be revisited — a time predating modern technologies or conveniences, a time before equalities and understandings between peoples, when the human race lived in fear of the unknown, and lived in the dark shadows of superstition.
Okay, it was 1975.
John Ehrlichman was found guilty of the Watergate cover-up, Margaret Thatcher defeated Edward Heath for the leadership of the opposition UK Conservative Party,  Bobby Fischer refused to play in a chess match against Anatoly Karpov, the Vietnam War ended with the capture of Saigon, and U.S. President Gerald Ford survived an assassination attempt.
Also in 1975, I turned 10 years old, not the most stressful of ages, but one which concern me, as my age now had two digits (10) instead of just one (9). I remember thinking to myself that if this pattern continued, by the time I turned 20, I’d be 100. 
But I digress...
In those dark days that were 1975, there were essentially four channels to be watched on the television — ABC, CBS, NBC, and for the more cultured television watcher, PBS.
It was on PBS where I came across some of the more interesting programs I’d seen up to that point. Specifically, PBS’ Saturday night line up, which boasted a collection of British imports, which ranged from underground to the obscure. 
Among these were “The Goodies,” “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” and a curiousity called “Doctor Who.”
While “Goodies” and “Python” were sketch comedies, along the lines of “Saturday Night Live,” “Doctor Who” was something completely different.

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