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November 5, 2013

Career dedicated to Youth

McSpadden taking position with Summit Physical Therapy


Herb McSpadden has dedicated his entire career to helping youth and families in the community overcome their circumstances and succeed in life. 
It has been his passion as counselor and later as executive director of Rogers County Youth Services, where he has served a total of 17 years.
McSpadden’s last day with the organization will be Nov. 15. He will take his new position as Administrator for Summit Physical Therapy & Rehab Nov. 18.
“When I was here the first time, I got engaged to my wife and we were married,” he said. “When I came back, I had my first child, then my second, then third. I got my master’s degree. So a lot of my major life events are tied to this place. You don’t just pour your life into a place and walk away lightly. This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve made.”
It wasn’t the path he thought he’d take. As a college student, McSpadden had planned for a career in banking. 
A business statistics class at OSU changed all that.
“It basically destroyed my confidence in my ability to get my business degree, so after basically flunking out of OSU, I took a sociology class at RSU,” he said. (Ironically, years later he went back to OSU and earned his master’s in business.)
It was around that time that McSpadden started working with the youth at his church in Chelsea.
“I loved it and I loved my sociology class, so I thought I’d give social services a try,” he said.
In 1994, he took his first job in the field, serving as a counselor at RCYS.
“Every day it was so rewarding working with kids who had been through hard times and giving them hope and encouragement and then seeing them succeed, whether it be making it through a semester in school without getting into a fight or passing the fifth grade. I realized success comes in all shapes and sizes,” he said. “Some of the kids still keep in touch with me; that’s what it’s all about.”

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