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August 1, 2012

PETS: Extra care required during extreme heat

CLAREMORE — With more days of record-breaking temperatures in the forecast, Claremore Animal Control supervisor Jean Hurst wants to remind people to take extra care of their pets during the extreme heat.

If they don’t, it could cost them in terms of city fines, not to mention, the potential life of their pet.
“Already this summer, we’ve seen cases of pet-owners not providing their outside pets with adequate water or shelter,” Hurst said, “and in this kind of heat, it’s not just uncomfortable (for the pet), it can quickly become lethal.
“Pets need more water than usual this time of the year to keep themselves hydrated,” she said. “Heat causes the water to evaporate even faster than usual, so it’s critical that people provide their pets with protection from the heat — it’s the right thing to do.”
Not only is it the right thing to do, Hurst says, it’s the law.
“Claremore City ordinances cites the ‘mistreatment of animals’ as being any behavior which ‘deprives them of necessary food or drink’ — and we’ve already gotten  calls this summer to investigate cases of (animal) cruelty,” she said. “Should we find pet-owners to be in violation of this (ordinance), we’re authorized to issue them a $133 citation (ticket).”
Similarly, failing to provide pets with shelter, from the extreme heat or otherwise, is also a violation of a city ordinance, also punishable by a fine.
“The reasons for the fines (from the citations) aren’t for us to punish pet-owners — they’re just a means for us to reinforce following city ordinances as they pertain to treatment of animals,” she said. “People who act like it’s an inconvenience or expense to provide (food, water, and shelter) for their animals may find, in the long run, it’s much cheaper for them — and for their pet’s health — to take the extra time and care to make sure their pets are protected.”

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