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July 24, 2013

$20,000 of Help

AXH employees raise money for victims of Oklahoma tornadoes

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CLAREMORE — When one walks through the halls or is in a conference room or shop break room at AXH, one cannot miss the phrase: “Make It Happen”.

This saying which is proudly and prominently displayed throughout the operation, has become the unofficial company motto because it states concisely what each and every AXH employee and team member strives to do every day.

Another key principle at AXH is the belief that the Golden Rule still means something and it guides AXH in all its

“While it may sound a bit like a cliché, we really believe that treating others like you want to be treated, really works and we try to live it every day, in every relationship,” said  Ken Jones, president of AXH air-coolers. “This is true whether one is talking about a customer, employee, supplier, or those we interact with in our community.”

Given these two core principles and goals, it is not surprising that AXH and its employees wanted to step up and help those who were affected by the devastation of the recent Oklahoma Tornados.

Almost immediately, AXH employees began discussing donating to help the tornado victims. Collections began right away and a process was set up to allow employees to payroll deduct in order to facilitate the collection efforts. In order to ensure that AXH employee contributions were utilized effectively and were used for the purposes of Tornado relief, AXH partnered with the Oklahoma Red Cross.

As a long-time supporter and local Champion of the Red Cross, AXH felt confident that the Red Cross would ensure that employee contributions would be used most effectively.

While no incentive was needed in order to garner employee support, the AXH leadership also felt it wanted to do something more than simply serve as a conduit for donation collection.

As a result, AXH made a commitment to its employees to contribute $3 dollars for every $1 dollar in direct employee contributions collected. When asked about the decision to make such a large matching contribution, Jones said it was simply the “right thing to do.”

As a result of AXH and its employee’s generosity, $20,000 was raised to support its fellow Oklahomans in need. 

While those victims of this natural disaster may never know it directly, we will all know that one of Claremore’s leading companies yet again showed they know how to, “Make It Happen” and that actions speak far louder than words.