Claremore Daily Progress

November 27, 2013

Under the Big Top

BACA Circus brings awareness to child abuse

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — In support of children, Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) and the George Carden Circus have teamed up for the second year in a row to bring spectacular performances to cities and towns across northeastern Oklahoma.

Beyond the tigers, elephants and aerial performers, BACA’s motive is to promote child abuse awareness by protecting children who have been abused.

Members of the Northeast Oklahoma BACA chapter work hard to cover child abuse cases in Rogers, Mayes, Craig, Delaware, Nowata and part of Washington County.

“We empower children, teaching them to not be afraid of the world in which they live in,” said Vice, chapter president. “These kids who are suffering from child abuse, we accept them into our BACA family. Once they are welcomed in, they become our brother or sister and we do our best to make sure the perpetrator never touches them again.”

Vice President Wrecker said the chapter does not condone the use of violence, however, if members are the only obstacle between the child and the violence, they stand ready to be that obstacle.

The chapter made their first “ride” 12 years ago, said Vice.

He said there have been times when parents are in a legal process after being arrested for abuse, and BACA members have camped out at the child’s home to make sure that the parent did not return to further harm the child.

“Child abuse is everywhere, it’s an epidemic, but BACA is there to prevent the  abuse from spreading.”

The journey in becoming a BACA member is not a short process. Applicants have to be involved with the organization as a support member for more than a year, go through an FBI-led background check, as well as, prove to the chapter that they are committed before they receive any contact with the children.

“If it’s in their heart then they’ll do whatever they have to for a child, and that is a mandatory quality for those who want to join,” said Vice.

Anyone who is suffering from child abuse or knows of a case where it is occurring can call the BACA helpline number at 918-519-2342.

For more information about Bikers Against Child Abuse, visit