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October 30, 2013

CPD adds extra patrols for Halloween night


The Claremore Police Department will add patrol officers to their evening shift, ensuring a safe Halloween for all, said Claremore Police Chief Stan Brown.
“I want to reassure the community that our added manpower will actively patrol neighborhoods during peak trick-or-treat times Halloween night,” said Brown. “We encourage citizens to pay special attention to all safety concerns. Drivers should be mindful of all surroundings and watch for any children who may dart into the roadway.”
Brown offered the following safety tips for persons young and old, planning to celebrate Halloween:
• Always escort your children and carry a flashlight after dark.
• Be familiar with the neighborhood where your children will be trick-or-treating.
• Set a specific time for your child/children to be out.
• Always know who is trick-or-treating with your children.
• Walk on the sidewalks and not in the middle of the street.
• Instruct your children never to enter any homes.
• Stay in well-lighted areas.
• Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them.
• Choose fireproof comfortable costumes made of light colored material so they can be easily seen in the dark.
• Consider placing reflective or glow in the dark tape on your children’s costumes.
• Have children avoid wearing eye makeup or masks, which will restrict their vision.
• Avoid having children carry replica firearms, swords or toys which can be mistaken for the real thing.
• Give out only commercially wrapped candy.
• Teach chidren their home an/or parent’s cellular phone number in case they get lost.
• Do not trick-or-treat by yourself.
• If props are carried, they should be made of soft rubber, styrofoam or other pliable material.
• Obey all traffic signals and look in all direction when crossing the street.
• Don’t run. Walk to your intended destination and do not dart in and out of cars or driveways. If there are no sidewalks, stay as far left of the roadway as possible.

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