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July 16, 2012

Claremore woman credits TOPS for helping her lose 100 pounds

CLAREMORE — At age 64, Sue Vannoy has a new lease on life. She has achieved a 100-pound weight loss and feels better than she has in years.

She credits her involvement with TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) for helping her not only lose the weight, but gain a new healthy lifestyle.
“I’ve always been heavy, since I started school,” Vannoy said. “I really started getting large in eighth grade. I was so tired of being tired, not being able to buy clothes from the stores and getting out of breath climbing the high school stairs.”
When she was a sophomore in high school, a friend whose mother was a TOPS leader invited her to a meeting.
“She told me about a ‘club’ she attended that was a support group,” Vannoy said. “I enjoyed the interaction with other teens and people that had the same ‘problem’ as I did.” 
With the encouragement she found in the group, Vannoy lost 80 pounds and was even named TOPS’ Oklahoma State “Princess.”
“Then I had some things happen and I ate my way to comfort,” she said. “After I had children, I kept gaining more and more.”
Sue found herself back in the same place she had been in 1964, only many pounds heavier.
“By this time I had been in and out of TOPS twice, Tried Weight Watchers, diet pills, liquid diets and anything I thought would help me lose weight,” she said.
She even underwent surgery to have her stomach stapled.
As a last resort, Vannoy rejoined TOPS about 10 years ago, but said it wasn’t until three years ago that she got serious about finally losing the weight for good.
“I was just miserable,” she remembers. “We had just adopted one of our granddaughters and I couldn’t keep up with how active she was. That was one of the big reasons.”

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