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March 8, 2013

Spring RoCo Fit beginning

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Claremore Progress

CLAREMORE — Rogers County has an extremely successful fitness program FREE to anyone who lives, works, and/or learns in Rogers County. 

RoCo Fit is inviting anyone wanting to get started being active, become more active, gain better health, and in the process meet fun, interesting people and make friends for life to join us in our free fitness program. 
RoCo Fit aims to continue to bring the community together to get healthier; both physically and mentally. 
The program is in its  second year and fourth session of Rogers County Fitness Training Program (RoCo Fit) this month and are ready to get moving and have fun together again.
Many who participated in RoCo Fit last year have kept up their fitness regimen together, meeting even in the rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, sometimes moving it inside, just to get a workout during the break between Fall and Spring. Several have accomplished personal goals, big and small, 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, marathons, trail races. Others have kept active together and/or alone for the fun social and physical benefits only. Most will be returning with big smiles to our Spring RoCo Fit session ready to forge ahead to even better health and more fun times, many as mentors for incoming Spring participants.
The Rogers County (free) Fitness Training Program (RoCo Fit) Spring Session will begin  with an Information Meeting/Registration for all who have not participated in RoCo Fit, Tuesday, March 12th, 6:30 p.m. at Claremore Community Center, 2501 N. Sioux. We will share the details, answer questions, and hear testimonies of those who have grown healthier with us. We are adding a Pace Grouping Activity/Registration for everyone (past and new) joining RoCo Fit at 6 p.m. on March 14 at Claremore High School Track. Spring Workouts begin at 6 p.m. March 19 at Claremore Lake and continue every Tuesday and Thursday evening working towards their goal event, Collinsville Moonlight 5K, Friday evening, June 7th. 
This is a Cherokee Nation Healthy Nation WINGS sponsored event and therefore, will be free to enter for all WINGS members (anyone living in Cherokee Nation counties can join WINGS for free), which makes the entire program free of any costs. 
RoCo Fit is a “Couch to 5K” based fitness program with beginning and intermediate levels and pace groups for everyone each Spring, Summer, and Fall. The focus for RoCo Fit is to get more people active and moving more in order to improve their health and reduce chronic disease risk factors.  RoCo Fit has walk and walk/run components for each level and people are led and encouraged by experienced program mentors. The beginning level focus is on those who do “no to very little” physical activity and want to get started. The intermediate level keeps the momentum going and helps participants create a life-long healthy habit of regular exercise. This year we have added an advanced walk/run group that is more of a “club” who meets at the same time in order to continue their workouts with an un-mentored group. The RoCo Fit Club has been formed to accommodate all the participants who have finished several sessions or already are regular walkers/runners and want to continue with a group and move forward towards their personal goals. We have a large group of repeaters who absolutely love the group workouts and need this continuation; therefore it was a natural addition to RoCo Fit. 
In addition to the mentored walk and walk/run workouts, RoCo Fit has several educational clinics. Participants will hear professional speakers and get questions answered on a variety of fitness topics including nutrition, injury prevention, workout gear, and proper walking and running form. Also, cross-training is encouraged and several free opportunities are available throughout the session. Participants will also receive incentives for finishing differing amounts of the program; one is a technical shirt after completing 70 percent of the session’s workouts. All participants will receive weekly information/education emails and announcements of local events.
RoCo Fit is a project of Healthy Lifestyles Subcommittee of Healthy Community Partnership. We have community partnerships to thank for keeping the program alive: Rogers County Health Department., Cherokee Nation Healthy Nation, NTC-Claremore (EAST), City of Claremore, Bike About Bicycle Shop, Scott Youtsey Illustrated, FireEagle Promotions, and many more dedicated volunteers who help and all are focused on energizing and motivating their community to take charge of our health status. It is time for us to get moving on improving.
For more details and to register, please attend the RoCo Fit Informational Meeting set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday att Claremore Community Center, 2501 N. Sioux. Also, feel free to contact Renetta Harrison at or (918) 698-7903.