While a diet rich in fiber has been proven to have numerous health benefits, Shepherd’s Cross in Claremore will be taking a different approach to promoting fiber next month at it’s “Fiber Fest Weekend.”

Slated from Thursday, June 15 through Saturday, June 17, Fiber Fest Weekend will be a unique three-day retreat during which attendees will be taught about how to process fiber.

“We’ll be using wool, but the lessons themselves will apply to basically any kind of fiber,” said Amy Kinsey, Shepherd’s Cross. “Classes will cover topics such as washing, dying, wet felting, carding, picking, spindling, spinning, needle felting, and weaving fiber.”

Cost to attend all the weekend retreat is $179, or $74 per day, with a maximum class size of 20 to be allowed.

All materials will be provided and attendees will be allowed to take home many of their finished projects.

“Our classes go a step farther than regular classes like this,” said Dr. Diana Dickinson, Shepherd’s Cross/Heart of the Shepherd Inc. owner. “We teach some history (of fiber arts), as well as practice technology, and the limited class size allows us to spend more time with the attendees.

“Working with fiber is a wonderful respite from the daily challenges of life,” she said. “As far as a hobby goes, it’s very peaceful and relaxing, and we’ll be teaching several techniques over the weekend.”

Classes will begin at 8:30 a.m. daily and end at 3:30 p.m., although attendees may stay until 5:30 p.m. to practice, if desired.

Other fiber arts classes are offered on an individual or group basis throughout the year, and advanced classes may be available upon request.

Fiber Fest Weekend Retreat will be held on site at Shepherd’s Cross, 16792 E. 450 Road, north of Claremore.

Shepherd’s Cross is home to Heart of the Shepherd, Inc., a public, non-profit Christian organization that reaches Biblical references to the harvest, the animals, farming, and gardening. Shepherd’s Cross also is an accredited Agritourism facility.

For more information, call Shepherd’s Cross at (918) 342-5911 or visit www.ShepherdsCross.com and click the “classes” link on the home page.