Claremore Daily Progress

March 21, 2013

Deputy teaches young vandals a valuable lesson

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Rogers County Lt. Deputy Mark Pease responded to a vandalism call Tuesday afternoon at Oologah Country Trailer Park in Talala. The victim called dispatch after she witnessed three juveniles (all brothers) throwing milk and eggs at her house.

As Deputy Pease arrived at the scene, the middle-aged victim came out and pointed to the boys next door. 
“Pease talked with the boys’ mother and asked if she would object to them cleaning up the mess. The mother of the boys was happy to oblige and handed each a bucket, washrags and a brush,” said Rogers County Deputy Jerry Smittle. “The boys only wanted to clean the mess they made, but as punishment had to wash the entire side of the house. Rogers County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the mother for her cooperativeness and for helping teach her sons that there are consequences for their actions, said Smittle. 
“It’s nice to see this type of good old fashioned life lesson,” he said. “This was a discipliary deal. Instead of having these young men go through the juvenile system or put through court, they get to clean up their own mess.”
Smittle said no official report was made; however, if it happens again deputies will have to take action.