Claremore Daily Progress


March 29, 2014

Claremore PD officers commended for assisting residents during house fire


Claremore Police officers Chad Rohr and Jordan Keesler received commendation letters Friday morning for their actions during a house fire on March 23 at the corner of Seminole and Eighth Street.
Officers arrived at the residence around 3 a.m. as flames and heavy smoke exited the attached garage. At the time, all six residents of the home were asleep.
After attempting to raise one of the occupants to answer the door, Keesler kicked in the front door and all officers entered the residence and evacuated everyone safely.
“As officers entered the home, there was heavy smoke beginning to permeate the residence,” said Lieutenant Matt Wild.
Patrol Captain Cary Akin said the residents were sound asleep and if the fire was not reported when it was, they could have easily been killed by smoke inhalation.
According to the report, neighbor William Bishop reported the fire. Bishop noticed there were two vehicles parked in the driveway, and after calling dispatch, he attempted to wake up the residents.
Bishop told police that he had knocked on the front door and tried the doorbell several times.
Claremore Fire arrived quickly after, and extinguished the fire before it moved throughout the rest of the home.
“I would like to commend all responding officers for their actions, as well as, the reporting person William Bishop,” said Wild. “Each of the personnel acted immediately, without regard for themselves, to assist the residents and ensure their safety.”

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