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October 11, 2012

Czapansky rejects number of fines due county, state

From Jan. - Aug. 2012 only 138 driver’s licenses not suspended



When a person is issued a citation, the officer of assigns a court date. The county court clerk has a 120 day window from the date of the citation to issue a bench warrant and suspend the offender’s license.  When the 120 days ends, the court clerk cannot suspend the offender’s driver’s license, Czapansky said.
Currently, Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers are sending citations electronically after they issue them, she said. However, citations in Rogers County municipalities may be received that soon.
There are certain offense, driving under the influence or even driving under suspension which the court clerk cannon suspend their driver’s licenses. Czapansky said the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s code book outlines which offenses cannot be suspended.
CLARIFICATION: Buddy Cook, who questioned why driver’s licenses had not been suspended, is a retired Claremore police officer and does not speak on behalf of the department.

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