Claremore Daily Progress


October 5, 2012

CPD increases response area

CLAREMORE — Claremore Police Department received a boost from the City Council Monday night as two separate law enforcement agreements were approved.

Councilors voted to support an agreement with the Cherokee Nation and the U.S. Marshal Service.
The agreements allow officers to provide protection or respond to calls that occur at facilities owned by the federal government or the Cherokee Nation. Multiple locations within the city limits are currently owned by these agencies, according to Claremore Police Chief Stan Brown.
Previously, the department has limited legal authority at locations in the city, opening officers up to tort claims.
Brown described the issues that have occurred to the council, outlining the safety and potential legal concerns that were possible without these agreements.
One example included a call the department received a few years back.
Officers were called to respond to a homicide at one of these locations. CPD responded to the call but had no jurisdictional authority.
This created a problem while officers waited for federal assistance, as CPD officers were open to possible tort claims. Now officers will be able to respond and control the situation until the federal authorities can arrive without this liability.
“My primary concern and goal is to get cross deputation to provide protection against tort claims,” Brown said. 
The department has been fortunate in the past when working at these locations in the city, according to Brown.
“This is the best way for us to get authority to provide service to those properties,” Brown said.
There are benefits beyond the tort claim protection, the agreements gives the city the ability to call for assistance from the other agencies if needed, according to Brown.
The agreements and deputation will provide critical coverage and response to those areas, he said.

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