Claremore Daily Progress

January 14, 2014

Foyil store owner charged with distribution of synthetic drugs

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


A Foyil convenience store owner was charged Friday with eight crimes, including four felony counts for the distribution and possession of a synthetic controlled substance and the operating of illegal slot machines.
Rogers County deputies arrested 37-year-old Mohammed Islam Nov. 15 after a month-long investigation into the distribution of synthetic drugs from the store, located 857 feet from Foyil Public Schools. 
Undercover deputies were able to purchase 15 grams of the synthetic marijuana from Islam between Sept. 30 and Nov. 14. 
According to the probable cause narrative, Islam had been warned he could not sell the product under state law. 
During the buyings, Mohammad would walk to the back of the store to retrieve the drugs, concealing it in food saver bags in an attempt to hide it from employees. 
Search warrants were later served at the Foyil store and Islam’s residence located in Claremore.
Deputies retrieved 533 grams of synthetic marijuana from a safe located under the floor in the back of the store. 
A total of 22 glass smoking devices and three slot machines were also located, according to the arrest report.
Employees said that Islam sold the product and kept it locked out of their reach. 
During a search of his residence, deputies located an additional 438 grams of the drug along with plane tickets showing a departure date for Nov. 24 to Bangladesh.
Islam was arrested nine days before he planned to leave the country. 
According to the report, the 971 grams of synthetic marijuana had a street-value of $10,000.  
Charges issued Friday included four felony counts, two for the distribution of a controlled synthetic substance, possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute and conducting a gambling game. 
Four misdemeanor charges were also issued, including one count for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and three counts for distribution of an imitation controlled substance.