Claremore Daily Progress


October 16, 2012

18-year-old confesses to deer death

CLAREMORE — A Rogers County man confessed to last week’s deer farm shooting near Chelsea. 

The suspect, 18, who cannot be named until official charges have been made, confessed to the Oct. 7 killing of a mating doe and buck.
According to investigative reports, the 18-year-old shot the doe first and dragged the deer through a hole he had cut in owner Gregg Hayworth’s fence.
He then went back and shot the buck; however, drove off after realizing he did not make a clean kill.  Hayworth’s buck later died as well.
Chief Agent Col. Mike Grimes of the Oklahoma Department of Food and Forestry’s Investigative Services said the suspect will be charged with two counts of animal cruelty and grand larceny.
“We will present the information to the district attorney’s office at the end of the week, where they will finalize the charges against the suspect,” said Grimes.
Another fenced farm was found cut on Oct. 10 just east of Chelsea.  No deer were found killed or injured.
Grimes said no information can be released at this time regarding possible prior larceny attempts from the suspect, since that particular investigation is still oongoing. 

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