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April 4, 2014

Deputies take oath after completing safety training program Below 100


Rogers County Sheriff’s Office deputies were sworn in Wednesday following their participation in the day long officer safety training program, Below 100.
Below 100 is a national initiative organized to reduce law enforcement deaths to fewer than 100 per year. 
“It’s about saving lives and through this training we can save deputies’ lives and the lives of those we come in contact with everyday,” said Sheriff Scott Walton. 
Walton said part of the training focused on officers’ driving response in a way that would better prevent injury or death. Through the use of safety equipment and enhanced situational awareness, the training also focused on improving policies that have already been implemented, including policies on seat belt use, body armor use, how to conduct safer traffic stops.
County law enforcement agency deaths are among the highest compared to other departments because of the amount of area covered by deputies. Walton said Rogers County is spread out, but also very busy. 
“Our deputies put in a lot of miles everyday and we want to be sure they are prepared for any situation to better prevent injury or death to everyone involved,” said Walton.
He said the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office is well staffed, which made it possible for deputies to receive training while keeping the streets patrolled and residents taken care of.
According to an overview prepared by Below 100, in the past 10 years, more than 150 officers (on average) have died each year in the line of duty. 
Line-of-duty deaths from accidents and/or preventable events have remained high. 
Data shows that many deaths are due to officer negligence or carelessnes, including speeding too fast for conditions, not wearing a seat belt and not wearing body armor. 

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