Claremore Daily Progress


August 6, 2013

Rogers County man arrested for huffing paint


A Rogers County man was arrested Tuesday for attempting to drive his vehicle after inhaling paint fumes.
Deputies responded to a call involving an unresposive man sitting in his vehicle at 23506 E. 320 Road near Chelsea. The man was identified as 50-year-old John Gill from Big Cabin. 
Gill had charges pending through Rogers County after he was arrested in June for huffing paint on another individual’s property, said Deputy David Metz.
Gill ended up in a physical altercation with the property owner and was shot after he would not leave. 
Metz said as deputies arrived to the residence Tuesday, Gill was slowly driving down the 1/4 mile-long driveway. Pafford EMS arrived before deputies and were blocking the driveway to keep Gill from leaving.
According to Metz’s report, deputies asked several times to put the vehicle in park and exit but he did not comply. Deputies were able to then extract Gill from the vehicle and make the arrest.
Deputies found gold paint on the driver’s side door and steering wheel. A plastic bag covered in gold paint and a gold spray paint can were also found in the vehicle. 
Covered in gold paint, Gill told paramedics that he had been huffing paint. Metz   transported Gill to Claremore Hillcrest Hospital for a check up followed by the Rogers County Jail for booking.
Gill received a felony charge for driving under the influence and misdemeanor for obstructing an officer.

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