Claremore Daily Progress

February 15, 2013

DA declines to file sex abuse charges

Salesha Wilken
Staff Writer


A Rogers County father is waiting for District Attorney Janice Steidley to make good on her promise of justice Thursday.
The father recently made public statements against the DA’s office after they refused to press charges against a 13-year-old boy for sexually abusing his daughters.
Angered by this decision, the father contacted several local media outlets including the Claremore Daily Progress.
However, after meeting with the DA Thursday, the father has agreed to keep his criticism quiet as he waits for Steidley to take action.
“The District Attorney has asked that I refrain from speaking to the media,” he said. “I will let you know if they [District Attorney’s Office] do not do what they have promised.”
The 13-year-old boy was arrested earlier this month but was never formally charged for the crimes. 
Earlier this week the dad released several statements, saying he was outraged because he was told the sexual acts were “voluntary,” so it’s not a criminal issue.
He’s also learned the sexual abuse involves not one, but both of his daughters.
“My whole world is upside down. I mean, my wife is to the point that she doesn’t even want to stay at our home, because of the backlash we might get towards our daughters if they release the young man,” he said.
The victim’s mother witnessed the sex act between the boy and the 8-year-old daughter.
Both girls underwent an exam to identify other abuse. 
The exams showed the abuse has happened before.
The father said that the District Attorney’s Office told him that his daughter was capable of giving consent to the boy.
Now Steidley is calling that a mistake, he added.
The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office put together a 19-page report, involving forensic interviews and handed it over to the District Attorney.
“It’s up to the District Attorney’s office for the determination of charges at this point. We’ve done our job to this point and I think we did a good job,” said Sheriff Scott Walton.
But the investigator who worked the case said the assistant DA told him he declined to file charges.
The father told reporters yesterday that he had lost faith in the district attorney.
Previously the suspect’s family had multiple dealing with the Department of Human Services.
Approximately 20 reports and 19 investigations had been launched by DHS, prompting more questions about the suspect’s situation.
Steidley was contacted but did not provided a comment on the case.
The District Attorney’s office has not released the terms of the “promise” or action that victim’s father was guaranteed by Steidley.