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February 19, 2013

Rape victim’s mother angry with DA



The mother claims that the suspect, whom lives across the street, has continuously victimized her daughter.
The suspect has stalked and threatened the victim and nothing has been done by the DA’s office to protect her, she added.
“I have attempted to contact you several times regarding this mishandling of this case. You [Steidley] refuse to return my calls, emails etc,” the mother wrote. “You do not have the courtesy to return my calls or answer why you are breaking every campaign promise you made to the county. The rape occurred on your watch and the many other things this young man has been allowed to do. You are not protecting our citizens or our children.” 
“I have done a search of my emails and I can find no emails by the victim’s mother. So I don’t know if she has my email address correct or if it was caught in spam but I show none from her,” Steidley said. 
The only email Steidley said she had regarding regarding this case is from the District Attorney’s Council in December regarding victim’s rights.
“I sent the email to my first assistant the same day and he was going to check into it the next day, as I was scheduled to be in another county.  We send out letters to victims with the bill of rights - it was in the process of being sent to her,” Steidley said. “I know Sean has been in constant contact with her during and after hours.  We handle thousands of cases in our district a year.  I have received no information until yesterday that the victim’s mother is wanting to meet with me.”

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