Claremore Daily Progress

September 26, 2013

4 arrested following grand larceny in home near Claremore

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


Three suspects involved in grand larceny were arrested early Tuesday morning at a mobile home park in Foyil. A total of four arrests have been made in connection with the residential burglary.
The Claremore suspects were identified as Joseph Green, 34, Stephanie Fowler, 35 and Tasha Church, 30. One of the four suspects, 24-year-old Claremore man Robert Loyd, was arrested Saturday afternoon and has since been bonded out.
The burglary took place Friday in a home located in the southeast area of Claremore. Claremore Police Investigator Dusty Singer said the owners were on vacation in Mexico and weren’t due to return until Sunday. 
“It took some effort. The parents of the victims were out of town with them, but we were able to make contact through friends on Facebook,” he said. “We kept them updated on leads and any new information while they were out of the country.”
A friend of the couple, who was taking care of their dogs, discovered the stolen property.
Both of the owners’ vehicles were stolen from the house, as well as, electronics, jewelry and personal records. Investigators linked Loyd to the grand larceny, after receiving information that he was one of the people asked to watch the house.
After interviewing Loyd, investigators were able to obtain a search warrant for a mobile home located in Foyil. It was there they found Green, Fowler and Church, along with a majority of the stolen items. Other smaller property, which had been pawned by Loyd, was discovered at a local pawn shop.
Green had stolen homeowner Travis Fox’s identification and used his credit card information all over Tulsa, said Singer.
The stolen vehicles have since been recovered, he said. Rogers County deputies located one of the vehicles, and received information that lead them to the second, which was parked in a North Tulsa apartment complex. It was there in the apartment that more stolen property was found.
Singer said investigators are still determining if the defendents in possession of the stolen vehicles, were in anyway connected with the arrestees in Claremore.
“We learned that the suspect watching the house had informed others that the young couple would be out of town. Because of the large amount of property that was stolen and the fact that the arrestees were narcotic addicts, it is safe to assume a drug debt of some kind was the reason behind the crime.”
Singer said he has come to know the victims fairly well throughout the investigation.
“These are good people who are college educated and just beginning to make a life for themselves. It’s disheartening to see this type of thing happen,” he said. 
Fox said he and his wife are doing “pretty well” considering everything that has happened. 
“We have received support from everyone. We feel that we are being looked after here in Claremore and want to compliment local law enforcement on a job well done,” said Fox. 
Loyd has been charged with grand larceny and falsified declaration of ownership, Fowler and Church were both charged with possession of controlled substance, possession of stolen property, second degree burglary and unlawful possession of paraphernalia. 
Green was charged with possession of controlled substance and stolen property, as well as second degree burglary, unlawful possession of paraphernalia and identity theft. 
Court dates have been set for Oct. 7 at the Rogers County Courthouse.