Claremore Daily Progress


September 4, 2013

UPDATE: Police officials want state investigation of DA Steidley



But, he added, “We are not at liberty to talk about the report of what the AG said.”
Steidley maintained at the Tulsa news conference she has a responsibility to inform defense attorneys of any possible issues with government witnesses.
“I have a higher duty as a prosecutor to make sure a defendant’s constitutional rights are fulfilled,” she said. “If not, we are jeopardizing our cases and we are putting our bar license on the line. And I take that job very seriously.”
“We are going to continue to do our job,” she added. “Just as we hold any witness accountable for their actions, we are going to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions.”
Brewster stressed that Steidley prosecutes cases based on honesty and transparency. 
“The folks of Rogers County and her district should be very proud of this woman,” he said.

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