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December 18, 2012

Claremore PD arrest suspect in Dollar General robberies

CLAREMORE — Claremore police have arrested a Pryor man in connection with two separate armed robberies of a Claremore business.

Charles F. West, 49, was arrested late Sunday after he was sighted allegedly fleeing the scene of an armed robbery in Claremore, according to Claremore Police Sgt. Wayne Stinnett.
“On the evening of Sunday, Dec. 16, the suspect — Mr. West — approached the clerk at Dollar General store in south Claremore, and asked for money,” Sgt. Stinnett said. “The clerk complied, and after West left the scene, she immediately called 911, gave them a description of the suspect, and they began patrolling the area.”
Shortly after the incident, Claremore Police Officer Ken Bradshaw observed a man on foot who matched the description given police by the Dollar Store employee, and made contact.
“Upon being approached by Officer Bradshaw, the man attempted to flee, but as he was on foot, it was a brief ‘chase’, and he was then taken into custody,” Sgt. Stinnett said. 
While in custody, West admitted guilt in the Dollar Store General as well as confessing to the Aug. 26, 2012 armed robbery of the same store, Sgt. Stinett said. 
West was then arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail on charges of robbery in the first degree, escape after lawful arrest, petit larceny, robbery or attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. 
Bond has not yet been set.

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