Claremore Daily Progress

April 8, 2013

Fund education first

Rep. Chuck Hoskin
Special to the Progress

OKLAHOMA CITY — “It’s  really funny, ... They were able to pass this law in a relatively short amount of time, but they weren’t able to get school finance done.” ~John Lockwood

The ninth week of session included a bittersweet mixture of activity here at the capitol. 

We began Monday when, once again, the legislature bypassed state law and failed to pass an education budget. Implemented in 2003, the “Fund Education First” deadline has not been honored once during my tenure in the legislature. 

Public schools await their supplementary budgets and must begin preparations for the next school year without a sense of how much money they will have. Last Monday afternoon on the House floor, I and many of my fellow colleagues continued our call to  fully fund education, as soon as possible, by moving a motion to pass an education budget. Unfortunately, our motion was defeated along partisan lines.

The proposal to cut state revenues by lowering the state personal income tax also passed a Senate committee this week. Although the bill that passed the Senate committee actually lowers the personal income tax rate more than the House proposal, to 4.95  percent rather than 5 percent, the fact that the Senate’s bill does not implement the income tax cut until January 2015 tells us that the Senate recognizes it is not the right time to cut state revenues. With a recovering economy, growing state revenues need  to be used to restore state funding to our core agencies. 

Finally, we received the news of the death of Captain Rodrick “Pete” Norwood, the legislative liaison for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Both chambers honored this kind, good man.  As was said about Captain Norwood when we passed HR 1012 honoring him, he embodied and symbolized what it meant to be in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The issue for which he worked tirelessly in our halls at the capitol this session was a pay raise for  his colleagues in the OHP. Therefore, I am pleased that a Senate committee passed the bill giving the OHP raises. We look forward to seeing Norwood’s hard work pay off and the OHP getting the raises they deserve.

Bills of interest up for consideration this week include:

HB 1062, which is the current version of worker’s compensation reform legislation.

SB 228, creating the Quality Workforce for Oklahoma’s Heroes Act.

SB 456, requiring signs to be posted on how to report public assistance fraud or the intended misuse of public assistance.

SB 640, provides a sliding scale for Medicaid premium assistance based on earned wages.

SB725, designating licensed drug and alcohol counselors as licensed mental health professionals. 

SB 863, seeking to privatize the lottery.

SB 1102, makes changes to the Teachers’ Retirement System.

SB 1115, deletes the requirement for COLA assumptions on the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement Board.

It is my pleasure to serve you in the legislature. Please contact me any time with your questions and concerns. You may reach me by calling 1-800-522-8502 <tel:1-800-522-8502> , emailing to <> ; or writing to me at Representative Chuck Hoskin, P.O. Box 941, Vinita, OK 74301.