Claremore Daily Progress

November 18, 2012

Giving up the comforts of the good ole U.S.A.

Randy Cowling

CLAREMORE — A move is afoot.

Turn the timetables back to the 1860s when the battle between the states almost sent our country asunder. That time has returned, albeit, via the Internet and the secession  movement is  here.

Individuals, not sure whether to refer to them as USA citizens or not, have signed petitions seeking a breakaway from the United States of America.

They, secessionists, want their freedom. Freedom from government, the existing red-tape one in Washington D.C.

However, they want to establish their own country with their own rules.

So, if I decide to join the secessionists and leave the good ole U.S.A., what will I be leaving behind?

Will there be Freedom of Press in these new countries, i.e. Independent Republic of Oklahoma or Republic of Texas? They may institute government-run media, kinda like in China or North Korea.

What about all the Social Security I have paid?  With 10-15 years away from retirement, can the Republic of Oklahoma get it transferred from the good ole U.S.A.?

Will the Republic begin printing its own currency?

Living in what could be the Republic of Oklahoma, what happens when the next F5 tornado rips through Rogers County? Will Republic President or will it be Czar Mary Fallin be able to marshal enough resources to help rebuild our communities? Will the Republic be able to give us roofs over our heads while we rebuild?

I expect in the new Republic of Oklahoma we will all get new driver’s licenses. Will anyone be able to drive? And what become of our highway system. Back to dirt roads I presume, since in the new Republic there will not be multi-million dollars from the U.S.A. Federal Highway funds. No more widening projects. No more bridgework, subsidized by the good ole U.S.A.

Will the Republic eliminate the toll roads? Or, will the tolls go higher to fund the handful of toll-booth workers? Will their be high tolls for non-Republic drivers?

I suspect we will also be able to get new republic of Oklahoma passports, since we will have to  have them to travel to other parts of the country. Evert time we decide to cross the Republic’s border, we’ll be under the laws of another country.

Maybe, the Republic of Oklahoma can learn some lessons from the Cherokee Nation. Casinos? Tobacco Stores? Revenues?

President/Czar Fallin as our fair leader will have to learn foreign policy, not just to deal with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but the President of Texas Rick Perry. You know those Texans still want our water. Will there be a Water Skirmish of 2014, where we battle along the Red River to gain control for water rights?

Now that current law allows for open carry of handguns, surely under the new Republic we will be able to strap on a piece with less government interference. I have to get me a gun.

Certainly, we new Republics will have plenty of fuel — oil, gasoline and compressed natural gas. That is if the corporate offices can overcome the inevitable export and import taxes the U.S.A. or sister Republics institute.

Being on our own means that we won’t have to implement that toxic Obamacare. What of healthcare in the new Republic of Oklahoma? How will President/Czar Fallin make sure Republics can get affordable and competent health services? Will Fallincare be more of free-enterprise HMO controlled by Republic-based insurance companies? I think I feel a headache coming on.

Who knows what the future holds?

But at least we won’t have to answer to Obama.

Randy Cowling is editor of the Claremore Daily Progress.