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September 18, 2012

Letter - District 2 residents are getting exactly what they asked for

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CLAREMORE — Dear Editor:

A few years ago, Robin Anderson was paid to attend classes for which she had no  requirement to attend. Just to further her education at our expense. If your facts are correct, District 2 Commisioner Helm now has:
1. Paid for a FEMA project twice, (perhaps not even the project the funds were intended for) 
2. Is dumping dirt and asphalt debriis into  the Verdigris River high water shed area in the name of road stabilization, against DEQ rules, probably at a considerable future expense.
3. Solicited funds, with his assistant’s help (and     remember she answers directly to him) via public emails and who knows what else, for vendors to give money to help pay for county partys and party expenditures at those festivities, and who knows what else.
As if this is not bad enough, now our District Attorney and the Assistant District Attorney want to debate the meaning of “to use” in a Progress question to them about these allegations, rather than focus on the facts and perhaps an investigation.
Kind of reminds me of a president not to long ago when faced with the Monica Lewinski scandal wanted to debate the meaning of the word “is”.   
Now that I think about it, the DA isn’t to help on investigating the abuses at the Veterans Center either.  I guess it’s better to let the guilty parties retire with pay, after all.
When are the District 2 residents going to wake up.  Someone said to me this weekend “They are getting exactly what they asked (voted) for.”
Bernard Peterson