Clem McSpadden, former Oklahoma Congressman from Chelsea who served in the 93rd Congress (1973-1975), recalls former President Gerald Ford as “a very likeable person.”

Ford died Tuesday at his California home at the age of 93.

“He was a very down to earth person. What you saw is what you got. There was no backslapping, no BS-ing,” he said.

McSpadden served in Congress during the period of President Richard Nixon’s impeachment hearings and also had the opportunity to work with then Congressman Gerald Ford on “several pieces of legislation.”

McSpadden said his most memorable contact with Ford came just before he was appointed as vice president.

“The late Gillis Long (Louisiana congressman) and I had breakfast with Congressman Ford, at that time,” he recalled. McSpadden, who served on the powerful Rules Committee, said it was common for the “wheels of Congress to ask for a favorable deal” from the Rules Committee since they were able to “limit debate and determine which sections of the bills were amendable or not.”

“He was asking for a favor ... About two hours later he was appointed vice president,” McSpadden said.

Ford went on to assume the presidency immediately following the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

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