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May 30, 2013

Grubowski accused of threatening Helm, Anderson



Grubowski said he was in the Sheriff’s Office that afternoon visiting with Sheriff Scott Walton on an unrelated topic when Lawhorn informed him of the complaint.
“I was shocked that an allegation was made,” Grubowski said. “I did not threaten anyone.”
Grubowski said he made a smart remark about how Anderson and Helm would be angry about the paperwork that their heads may spin like Chucky (referencing the 1990’s film series ‘Child’s Play’ otherwise known as Chucky), but no threats were made to anyone.
“I did not even speak to Anderson or Helm,” Grubowski said. “I even waved hello to them.”
Deputies assigned to    courthouse security confirmed that no request for assistance was made on May 16 by the clerk’s office. 
They stated that they did not even know about the incident until after the report was filed the following week.
The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the assistance of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in the matter and turned the investigation over to them Wednesday.
Grubowski claims the report was made in an attempt to intimidate him because of his election complaint, stating that he felt pressure to drop the issue to allow the election to be certified.
“Several comments have been made to me about the complaint including one man yelling at me on the street saying ‘I may have saved taxpayers $30 million, but I will sit in jail for it’” he said.
Grubowski said he faxed a letter to District Judge Dwayne Steidley requesting the hearing be canceled.
During Tuesday’s hearing before Judge Steidley, Grubowski told the court “I was in distress.”  
The judge recessed the hearing, pending the action of the Rogers County commissioners, who nullified the election, making Grubowski’s complaint a moot point, according to Judge Steidley; however, the judge allowed him to voice his concerns to the court.

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