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May 30, 2013

Grubowski accused of threatening Helm, Anderson



During the hearing, Grubowski said he filed the election complaint to prevent the county from the liability of another multi-million dollar lawsuit.
“Five days later, in retaliation, I believe the county may have filed a complaint against me to try and quash my testimony here.” Grubowski said during the hearing. 
He wanted the elected officials to be accountable to the state statutes and taxpayers, such as himself to be free of the burden of another lawsuit.
“I was acting in good faith as a taxpayer,” Grubowski said. “I think we have had enough litigation in this county.”
Judge Steidley referred to the issue as “political” and something that needs to be addressed with the commissioners.
“I was asserting my rights as a taxpayer of Rogers County,” Grubowski said. “I think we need to find out what is really going on.” 
 “I understand where you are coming from and if I were in your shoes, I would probably be saying the same thing you are saying,” Judge Steidley said. 
The question for the court is to determine if the commissioners can nullify the election and they have that authority, he added.
After the hearing, Grubowski said he understands that people recognize that he has upset the status quo and that he will continue to work with law enforcement regarding the complaint.
He said he believes he has cause to seek legal action against the officials that have filed the complaint and will be speaking to legal counsel.
Anderson, Shields and Helm were contacted for comment and no response was provided as of press time.

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