Claremore Daily Progress


October 17, 2012

COUNCIL- Back door pay increase causes rift



“Nobody at this table, the elected officials, knew what had happened,” Smith said. 
The council’s only recourse is to review the position and determine if the employee actually deserved the pay increase.
Purkey added,  “pay increase should have been done at budget time.”
The council needs to approve all salaries during the budget process.
“We don’t want to find that personnel costs are out of control,” Purkey said. “The council should have control over all spending.”
According to Maline, “What we did is make a change in a line item to accommodate the pay change. We do not build a cushion into the budget.”
To make the salary change effective another cut was made in the department from another budget item, she said.
The council could take back the authority to limit budget changes and could oversee the budget line by line, according to Flanagan.
“There is a little bit of trust here, we need to make sure we know what is going on here,” Flanagan said.

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