Claremore Daily Progress

November 21, 2012

Green energy a possibility for Claremore residents

Citizens may have opportunity to own and install inverter-based electrical generators

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Claremore citizens may have the opportunity to go green on energy after the city council reviewed a proposal to permit solar and wind power inside the city limits.

The item is only being discussed at this time, but the ordinance if passed in the future will be historic.
The proposal will allow metering customers to generate energy using renewable resources.
Claremore Electric Director Larry Hughes called the idea a “wonderful thing.”
Through the ordinance citizens would be allowed to own, install and operate inverter-based electric generating facilities.
These facilities could use a variety of fuels derived from biomass, waste or renewable energy sources including wind, solar energy or water.
The new policy came to the council after six different electric customers inquired about the use of renewable energy sources.
“There have been several requests from our customer,” Hughes said. “Both rural users and one in the city limits have made requests.”
Green energy producers would be allowed to use city resources as a back up on low usage days.
The city would also benefit as they could receive over produced energy from the customers.
The agreement does not include any payment or credit to the citizen’s for production of electricity at this time.
“We are not required to do this, it is a customer service thing,” Hughes added.
Hughes explained in great detail to the council that some issues with voltage feedback could be an issue.
It would be very difficult to regulate the amount of energy returned on the city’s system, according to Hughes. This discussion led to Hughes calling the extra energy “a gift back to the city”.
Overall, the green energy opportunity would provide options for citizens while a benefit to the city, according to Hughes.
The council made no decision on the issue.