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December 11, 2012

County gives go ahead to RV Park



Curtis explained that a PUD was not required of Knapp.
Another issue involved the Rogers County Planning and Zoning Board vote to approve the zoning with a restriction attached.
The recommendation was that no RV be allowed to park there for more than six weeks. 
The commissioners quickly determined that the recommendation was made with no legal authority.
The restrictions attempted to address the concern of citizens that the  RV Park would become a “trailer park.”
Citizens felt the park could cause liability or decrease property values.
Knapp responded stating he is the second largest property owner in the area and he would not build anything that would devalue people’s property.
“I think it will be an asset to the area,” Knapp added.
The park will be a family- oriented, nice park, featuring a bath house with showers, coin laundry and a park.
Additionally, the facility would be monitored 24/7 with onsite supervision and a gatehouse for protected entry.
Citizens continued to voice concerns including an increase in area traffic.
“My traffic will not be on the highway during peak hours,” Knapp said.
As the debate continued the zoning change was called “spot zoning” and it was noted that the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has yet to approve highway access.
Knapp said he would vacate his existing access at Quality Storage and Rental, a property adjacent to the new RV Park that he owns.
The citizens made numerous objections, however the zoning guidelines were clear and Knapp had met those, according to the commissioners.

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